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brief history of Cianjhen senior high school
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        The accomplishment of Cianjhen Senior High School (CJHS) is the result of great effort made by its five principals as well as its teaching staff.In 1969, in order to cope with the policy of nine-year compulsory education and the increasing number of high school students in Kaohsiung, the Taiwan Provincial Government therefore commissioned, Wang Chia-chi, the principal of Kaohsiung Senior High School, to do the preparatory jobs for the foundation of CJHS. On August 1,1969, Chien supervisor of Taiwan Education Department, was appointed the first Cianjhen Senior High School was establishedand took its name "Taiwan Provincial Cianjhen Senior High School." Chou Nine-wu,coming from his position as the school principal of CJHS.

        During Chou"s administration, the basic structure of the institutions was shaped and the bond between administration, teaching staff, and students was firmly established. On July 1,1979, because Kaohsiung City was promoted to a special municipality, CJHS changed to its present name "Kaohsiung Municipal Cianjhen Senior High." On August 1,1980, when Chou Nine-wu was appointed as the principal of Kaohsiung Senior High School,Hsieh Chung-kuang became the second principal.Hsieh"s achievement was great in his capability of hiring lots of well-qualified teachers,thereby immensely strengthening the teaching staff of the school. On February 1, 1990, Hsieh was transferred to Hai-Ching Industrial and Commercial School,and Shang La-yeh took office. During Shang"s tenure,he expanded the school to 60 classes and made CJHS become one of the largest school in Kaohsiung.

        On August 1, 1997, with the retirement of Shang,Wu Ing-chang joined the school as the fourth principal. Aiming to develop various talents in students,Wu encouraged them to attend many remarkable extracurricularactivities. Wu even hosted the International Scouts Jamboree in the Ping Tong County. On February 1,2001, Wu Ing-chang retired from CJHS and Han Shui-Chung, the former Dean of CJHS, was elected as the fifth Principal of the school. Ever since Han took office,he has stressed the importance of nurturing well-rounded individuals. He insists that character building is as important as academic performance. Under Han"s guidance, CJHS has now enjoyed greater prestige than ever in the education circle.1234
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